How To Soften The Back Of New Shoes – The 6 Easy Way

How To Soften The Back Of New Shoes

How to Soften the Back of New Shoes: Suppose if you buy a new shoe for one of the special days and you came to know that it’s not fitting not at all. The small-sized shoe is not only uncomfortable to wear but also it is quite hurtful.

Don’t you think so this is one of the worst dreams of your life? Well, this is not the perfect excuse to ruin your day.

There are plenty of ideas and tricks to fade your sadness in a single minute to soften the back of new shoes.

One of the best thing is that every thing is around you and some stuffs are available in your mom’s kitchen which you have to steal. Well, sorry for that.

There are some ideas which can save your day and also your money.

How To Soften The Back Of New Shoes


There are lots of newspapers which are ready to go out of your house but this newspaper can save your day. You have to do just one thing put scrunch wet newspaper and leave it to dry.

The wet newspaper will expand as it dried up by stretching the shoe, but be careful that newspapers should not be full of water because it might affect your quality of leather.

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If you are ready to spend some bucks on your shoe ,then this is for you . There are abundance of spray in market which claim to make your shoe soften instantly.

If tighten shoe is the main problem, whenever you buy a new shoe. Then, always keep one stretching spray. It will work instantly and also keep your shoe from blisters.


Take any oil which is present in your mom’s kitchen but if you are able to find castor oil or glycerine then things will move more smoothly.

Just take a small amount of oil and rub this on your shoes. Wait for a while to get the oil absorbed throughout the shoe completely.

Oiling is much effective for leather shoes because it will not only give you softened and spacious shoes but also give you a super shiny surface as a new one.


This is one of the most effective and unusual to get soften and spacious shoes. We need only some shocks and hair dryer, that’s it.

Just put the three or four pairs of your shocks in your shoes and try to heat up the surface by hair dryer for a while. Now your shoe will not hurt you.


In this, you have to take a small amount of alcohol and try to rub with any type of cloth. Leave it to dry.

There is only one thing which you have to take care of i.e. take the alcohol which does not take much time to evaporate (or dry).

Because it might affect the surface of your shoe. So before using any alcohol, check it properly.


There are plenty of benefits of kerosene oil. Rubbing a small amount of kerosene oil will swell pores of the shoes which makes it spacious and comfortable.

You can also remove the stain of paints from your shoes just by rubbing kerosene oil on it. Also, it can help to prevent from getting fungus to your shoes.


We hope with this article “how to soften the back of new shoes” help you for soften the back of new shoes with easy way and if you have any other problems regarding the shoes so please comment your problem in comment box, we will resolve your problem as soon as possible.

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