How to Shrink Leather Shoes in 5 Easy Ways

how to shrink leather shoes

Yes, it is awkward to hear that How to shrink leather shoes is also possible but in reality, it is so and there are various methods of singing your shoes like using dryers, by using water, by using the cushion, vinegar, and insoles.

So if you like any issues and you think that is a little bigger then don’t get harassed and buy it because there are various methods which can help you to make your shoes absolutely fit to your feet.

So here are the methods in which you can easily opt to shrink your leather shoes to make it fit according to your foot size and your required details. Now move to the methods that will make your shoes shrink easily in a bit time.

Method-1: Use Dryer

Our first method is by using a dryer. In this method, you need to make your shoes a little wet and then put a dryer against a medium flame which will make it dry easily after 10 to 15 minutes.

You can also use room heaters in place of the dryer if you need to to make it a little bit faster, now you can try your shoes if it still is not fit then you must do this process one more time and repeat if further required.

Method-2: Use Water

Our second method is by using water. In this method, you just need water in a spray bottle and a good dryer.

What you need to do is just to spray your shoes genuinely, don’t try to soak it and after that, you simply dry it using your dryer at medium speed or you can directly put in sunlight which will shrink your shoes in a tremendous manner.

When the process gets to an end and your shoes get completely dry try it on to your feet if it is fit then Ok but if it still is not up to your size repeat the process twice or thrice you will easily get it according to your required size.

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Method-3: Use Cushion

Moving to our third method which is the use of a cushion.

This is simply a need of question which you can put it at your back if you think your shoes fit from toe to toe but loose from back or you can put it in your two areas if you think to areas with large feet according to your feet.

If you think that you need it from both sides then you can simply put it along with your in the sole of your shoes.

Method-4: Use Vinegar

And 2nd last method by using vinegar. In this method, you need to put your old socks and 1 cup of vinegar in a bowl.

Now soak your socks with vinegar and place it in your shoes don’t squeeze it in your shoes, just put it on and leave it for 1 to 2 hours.

As vinegar has an ability which makes the shoes of leather shrink so this method is found quite effective for the same.

After 12 hours remove the socks and place your shoes in a warm place which makes them completely dry full stop one can put it in direct sunlight in front of a blower or a dryer which will make your shoes completely dry.

Try it, if still not fit you may use our second method of using water to make it still more shrink.

Method-5: Use Insole

Our last method used to use insole which is also a very easy method.

In this what you need to do this you need to have an extra insole which you will put on the given in soul that make your to and foot little elevated and make your shoes fit according to your foot which will make you comfortable.

While wearing it you will not feel that it is big according to your shoe size.

How to Shrink Leather Shoes: FAQ

Can we shrink leather?

Yes, we can shrink the leather shoes according to are required foot size using the above method which will help you to shrink your shoes according to your required needs. Since everyone has different feet in the world and for a shoe company to make so many shoes of different sizes become tough that’s why we have searched various methods for you according to which you can easily make your shoes fit your feet without getting much tense for your different foot size.

Do leather shoes stretch or shrink?

Yes stretches or shrink easily but for making stretch you need to wait according to to the hardness of the leather your shoes made up of because if it is hard then it will take more time to get stretched on daily wearing but to make your shoes shrink is in your hands and very easy and can be simply done by the above methods for which you just need to go out this simply need to do some simple tricks and to get your desired size.

Can leather shoes be stretched wider?

yes, you are leather shoes can get wider but the time it will take is can’t be specified because the shoes which are made up of leather have different textures of leather and aap different hardness so you can’t say when it will get wider. Using your shoes regularly makes it wide but if you are leather is very hard then it will take much time to get wide and easy going for you.

Do shoe stretchers really work?

Yes stretches work but as already said different leather has a different texture and different material so what you need is a perfect stretcher which will make your shoes stretch and good for your wearing which is tough but if you are good at searching in finding it will going to help you very very much for getting good shoes for yourself.

Can shoes be stretched a half size?

Yeah, there are methods to make your shoes stretch to half size but it will take much time because stretching is not easy, and getting stretching at your home place becomes tough sometimes so what you need is daily wear. You can also buy stretches now that you make your shoes stretch according to your needs.


This was all according to me which I would like to share to make your shoes fit according to your needs but still, if you have any queries about how to shrink leather shoes please comment in the respective comment box and we would like to connect with you as soon as possible.

So keep connecting with us for getting more interesting information and getting your life easier stay tuned stay connected!!!!

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